Moroccan Rugs

The Berber carpet or Moroccan Rug is not just a carpet. Woven not only to decorate the home and for warmth, to show prosperity and a welcome to the visitor, but also it is the way in which the authentic traditions of the Berbers are kept alive. The women who made these carpets were not able to go about freely and each spring when the tribes exchanged goods including the rugs, the women were able to communicate with the other tribeswomen, telling them of all the latest news ie marriages, births and deaths.
Each symbol has a meaning. The triangular symbol in the carpets represents the Berber symbol for the desert and the pointed line was the symbol for the Atlas mountains, thus pinpointing where they were made. All the colourings came from spices and natural ingredients for example yellow from saffron, brown from the clay, blue from plants etc. The rugs were the ID cards of the different tribes. There are various methods of making these rugs. The flat kilim method. The normal (knotted) carpet or rug methods and the embroidery method. Some rugs have all three included in their makeup and these are known as the 3 technique rugs. All three types can be found within our collection.

Moroccan three technique rug R108
Rug making at a cooperative in Sidi Moktar
Rug making at a cooperative in Sidi Moktar
R 260 runner
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Tent Band/runner R271
Natural wool Zemmour runner
Moroccan rug R109
Taznacht low pile knotted runner
Handira RJ15
Black sheep Handira
Moroccan  wool rug R222
Moroccan Rabat knotted rug R107
Moroccan Akhnif flatweave rug R224
Akhnif runner R234
natural wool pile rug R218
Beni Ouraine large rug (detail)
Moroccan Zemmour tent band R233
Middle Atlas Zemmour large rug (detail)
Moroccan Shishaway rug R232
Moroccan tent band R207
Soft knotted rug R214
Moroccan  pile rug R212A
Large Middle Atlas Zemmour (detail)
Zemmour runner
Morrocan 3 technique tent bandR105
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Moroccan Zemmour style rug R229
3 technique mat R246
zemmour Rug R104
3 technique mat R247
3 technique rug R236
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The owner of Berber Interiors John Pryor selecting a rug in Marrakech