Lighting is the key to the atmosphere created and if you wish this to have the feeling of the Arabian nights the lamps in the collection are a must. The sparkling metallic bases with the jewel colours of the inlaid glass fill a room with mystery and excitement .
The soft seductive light of a candle should not be underestimated and it follows that the holder should also be something of beauty and form. Many of the candle holders in the collection are again in the silver metal used in most of the decorative art of the area, mixed with glass and coloured pottery to make an attractive addition to any interior scheme.

  Blue tadelakt lamp
tadelakt lamp
tadelakt lamp
 Red tadelakt lamp
tadelakt lamp.  Tadelakt refers to the polished marble finish.
 Raspberry pink tadelakt lamp
 Yellow tadelakt lamp
Large round tadelakt lamp
Parchment lamp with henna decoration
Coloured glass and silver ceiling light
Silver ceiling light
212PN silver engraved lamp
342P brass lamp with dark brown band
small henna lamp
 339P brass lamp with dark brown band at base
320AS silver candlestick lamp
Henna parchment wall light
brass wall light
metal wall light
brass wall light
rustic metal wall light
Brass wall light with amber glass
Hammered brass lamp with parchment and brass trim shade
Maroc Lights
Maroc Lights
Maroccan Wall Sconces
320AB brass candlestick lamp
310VAB hammered brass lamp
212 VAG hammered pewter lamp
L24  L25
311PN slim hammered brass lamp
359P round brass lamp
363P Large striped brass lamp
metal lantern
Maroc Lights
tea light candles with grille
box tea light candles
Tall tea light candle with grille

tea light candles with grille

These sturdy square candles with a grille are designed to have a tea light inside (place on a small pile of sand or rock salt) which creates a warm, soft glow. 8cms cube £10